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How to stop your business dreams becoming business nightmares


When businesses go right, they can make your dreams come true.  But when they go wrong, all your nightmares can become real. That’s not over-stating the case, unfortunately. We’re talking lying-awake-watching-the-ceiling type of stuff here.  Waking up with heart pounding …

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How much should an accountant cost your business?

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How much should an accountant cost?  Not an unreasonable question to ask yourself. After all, we should always keep an eye on our business costs, and ensure we’re not paying more than we should have to. The basic rule of …

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When’s the best time to move your bookkeeping to Xero?


Xero has many benefits, but a question we often get asked is: when’s the best time to move to it? Our new clients recognise the many benefits of Xero – ease of use, eliminating errors in your bookkeeping, keeping costs …

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Just how local does your accountant need to be?

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A local accountant is good. I won’t deny it. We like the people we work with, the people whose businesses we help. And we like meeting up with them. Face to face is a good way to do business. We’re …

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