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Our blog is made up from years of Kent accountancy experience built up from helping companies across the UK grow and succeed.


Why you need to be a System Addict


A big barrier to growth in a business is the fact that many business owners are, by nature, control freaks.  They started the business, and live secure in the knowledge that nobody can do it quite like they can.  I …

Read More 18th November 2014

Do you have a job or a business?

Choice of two ways

It’s not a trick question.  I promise. Many self-employed people automatically assume they have a business.  After all, you have more control over your time, more reward from any profits you generate – all good stuff, surely? I used to …

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Financial planning for businesses

Financial Planning

Business isn’t just about numbers, as anyone involved in the business world will tell you.  But having a firm grasp of the numbers is absolutely necessary if you want to maximise your chances of success.  Failing to plan is planning …

Read More 12th September 2014

What are your VAT options?


As well as deciding whether or not you want to (or have to) register for VAT, there are a few choices you have to make once you’ve done it. The Revenue have a few different accounting schemes available for small …

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