Help us change the world for the better

We’re proud to be members of the B1G1 network – a collection of businesses who’ve built good causes into the way they work.  By working hard and co-ordinating our efforts, our small contributions can make a massive difference.
Here’s how you can help us:

Join us – give a goat

giving-1 For every new client that joins us, we’ll give a goat to a family in Kenya and help them join a breeding program.

While the breeding program is underway, a small amount of income can be generated through the sale of anti-HIV goats milk and goats meat. In the long term, the production of other products such as soap, cheese, and yoghurt for sale at local markets will create additional income as well.

Meet us – educate a child

giving-2 Every meeting with have with our clients, either in person or by Skype, gets a disadvantaged child a day of education.

Every child should be entitled to the basic privilege of a proper education but are often unable to attend school because their parents cannot afford the cost of
schooling or due to social stigma. Let’s change that, together.

Call us – give clean water

giving-3For every call that we receive from you, or that we make to you, we’ll provide a day’s worth of clean water to a villager in Malawi.

In the villages of Malawi, high infant and child mortality are attributed to water and sanitation related diseases and these problems are only exacerbated by a lack of knowledge about proper hygiene.

By helping to provide a well and water pump, we can help reduce deaths from water-borne diseases through supplying clean, and disinfected water.

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