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Two Key Questions That Will Help You Get the Most From Your Tax Return

Tax Returns

Nobody likes filing tax returns. (Okay, except maybe us accountants.) But skipping out on filing day is not an option for business owners like you who want to continue doing their great work. And, if you believe it, understanding the …

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When should I get an accountant?


You’ve set up your business, maybe got some customers, a bit of cash flowing in.  And at some point you ask yourself: ‘When should I get an accountant?’ You’ve heard of them, you’re vaguely aware of things like accounts and …

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Tax Raids on Small Businesses

HMRC - Taxman

A dying businessman called his friend and said, ‘Bill, promise me that when I die you’ll see that I’m cremated.’ ‘OK,’ said his friend.  ‘And what do you want done with the ashes?’ ‘Oh, just put them in an envelope …

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Your Business Could Face Implications from Inheritance Tax

The business has been in your family for generations. It’s seen war and economic decline, but here it is, still going strong. It’s as much a part of your family as your own mother, and like her, it has persevered …

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