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Just how local does your accountant need to be?

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A local accountant is good. I won’t deny it. We like the people we work with, the people whose businesses we help. And we like meeting up with them. Face to face is a good way to do business. We’re …

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Is it time for you to bit the bullet and pay more tax?

pay tax

Yep.  More tax, not less tax.  No, I’ve not completely lost it. I am, seriously, as an accountant, suggesting that there are times in life where you might have to decide to pay more tax. I’ll explain quickly, before you run …

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Two Key Questions That Will Help You Get the Most From Your Tax Return

Tax Returns

Nobody likes filing tax returns. (Okay, except maybe us accountants.) But skipping out on filing day is not an option for business owners like you who want to continue doing their great work. And, if you believe it, understanding the …

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When should I get an accountant?


You’ve set up your business, maybe got some customers, a bit of cash flowing in.  And at some point you ask yourself: ‘When should I get an accountant?’ You’ve heard of them, you’re vaguely aware of things like accounts and …

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