Brave Blossoms of Japan

Business Lessons from Japanese Rugby

21st September 2015

My throat is still a bit sore today from all the shouting at the TV over the weekend. The highlight of the Rugby World Cup so far was undoubtedly Japan’s heroic triumph over South Africa. It should never have happened, but it did, and the rugby world went mental. Read More

9 Essential Questions for Business Owners

FREE Book to Help You Grow Your Business

16th September 2015

Drawing on over a decade’s worth of helping and advising small business owners, we’ve now published ‘9 Essential Questions for Business Owners’ – a FREE book to help you get your business to where you want it to be. Read More

HMRC tax inspector

Tax Raids on Small Businesses

4th September 2015

We’re firmly of the belief that small businesses are great, and are the engine room of our economy and country. These moves make it look like, instead of valuing and encouraging small businesses, the government just see them as a cash cow to be milked. Read More

clouds in the Sky

Which cloud accounting software is best?

24th August 2015

At AK Tax, we’re a firm of specialist Xero accountants so it’s no surprise we’re big advocates of Xero’s cloud-based software. However, if you’d prefer to use a different system then we’d still be delighted to work with you. Read More

Summer Holiday

Business = no holidays? Something’s wrong here

14th August 2015

Some truly disturbing news appeared on my Twitter feed this week. According to a survey by the insurer Simply Business, around 750,000 small business owners will not take a single day off on holiday this summer. Read More

Your Business Could Face Implications from Inheritance Tax

26th July 2015

The business has been in your family for generations. It’s seen war and economic decline, but here it is, still going strong. It’s as much a part of your family as your own mother, and like her, it has persevered through the warp speed, rollercoaster of time. Read More

What's your excuse?

Tax returns – what’s your excuse?

30th June 2015

THE DOG ATE MY TAX RETURN … is not a reasonable excuse! But then, what is? Read More

Property to let sign

Pressure on Landlords to get their property tax sorted out

9th June 2015

I was speaking last week to a guy who works closely with tax investigations, The number one industry experiencing real headaches with investigations at the moment is property – specifically landlords. Read More

Making Tax Digital

Xero adds business performance info – great stuff!

5th June 2015

We’ve always thought that Xero was great financial software, and today (in the UK at least – not sure what’s happening overseas) it got even better. Read More

character at the bottom of stairs

Accountants aren’t just bean counters – we’re business monitors too

28th May 2015

There is a popular misconception that all Kent accountants do is go through your trading figures and then ask you for two cheques, one for the accountant and one for HM Revenue and Customs. Read More


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