The UK’s financial and insurance sector contributed £119.1 billion to the country’s economy in 2017—amounting to 6.5% of the UK’s total output. 

The UK remains the world’s second-largest financial centre and the largest in Europe but as the industry develops, so too do the regulations that come with it. The complexity involved in being part of this sector all the more requires an accounting partner to make sure you stay compliant.

At AK Tax, we offer specialised accounting services for the financial sector whether you’re a self-employed individual (e.g. traders, brokers) or business or corporation (e.g. investment firms). From delivering regular financial reports to timely tax filings to excellent business advisory, we can help your financial sector business stay compliant and grow in uncertain economic times. 

Here are just some of the areas in the financial services sector we have specialist knowledge and experience dealing with.

Independent Financial Advisers

As an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA), you need to help your clients get a better handle on their financial matters, build wealth and eliminate risks. You also have to keep up with current trends and technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

With all the client work on your plate, let our team handle your finances, be it with identifying cost inefficiencies, strengthening your information security, or bridging the gap between your current operations the industry’s best practices.

Some of our services tailored for IFAs include:

  • Business Advice — Whether you intend to be a sole trader or establish a partnership, limited liability partnership, or a limited company, we’ll help you create the proper structure for your business. This way, you’ll limit any losses, minimise taxation and allow you to re-invest into your business.
  • Tax Services — We’ll take time-consuming tasks off your plate, including filing reports to the HMRC, conducting regular audits, and administering payroll to your employees.
  • Risk Management — It’s not only your clients’ businesses at risk; you also need to look after yours. We’ll audit your business and propose risk management strategies to mitigate any financial threats.

Mortgage Brokers

The mortgage sector in the country faces challenges from all fronts: an increasingly saturated market, more regulations, and easier access of end clients to online information. This puts you in a position where to stay afloat, you need to always have a healthy cash flow.

Our mortgage experts can help with the following:

  • Audits — After evaluating your current financial status, we can set a baseline, pinpoint possible sources of funding (e.g. loans), and make sure your practices stay compliant with the latest regulations.
  • Business Advisory — We’ll provide innovative strategies that stay within the country’s regulatory frameworks to help your business cope with financial obstacles specific to the mortgage industry.
  • Tax Services — We’ll create a sound taxation structure for you and monitor key metrics, so you can stay competitive.
  • Employer Services — If you have employees, leave the administration of payroll and other employee benefits to us, so you can focus on your own client work.
  • Risk Management — To maintain healthy cash flow, we’ll help you be aware of the risks you might face, so you can adapt and pursue profitable opportunities without putting you in the red.

Insurance Companies

With more pressure on improving business efficiency, changes in the country’s solvency and capital adequacy, and growing client scrutiny on having someone else handle their money, you need to have a trusted accountant on your side. We offer the following services for insurance companies:

  • Employer Services — We’ll deal with all your payroll needs, making sure members of your staff receive their salaries and benefits on time. You can then rest assured that they’re performing at top efficiency, especially when earning client trust.
  • Accounting — You’ll receive regular reports on financial analysis, profit and loss statements, and staff costs. We’ll also prepare and submit your tax returns on time.
  • Bookkeeping — We’ll track your accounts payables and receivables, income statements, and balance sheets. We’ll also maintain your general ledger and provide custom reports on current and projected cash flow.Lloyds of london

Investment Firms

Whether you’re a startup or a listed company, our team can guide you through the regulatory maze, outperform your competition, and come up with strong strategies and financial products.

Some of the tailored services we offer to investment firms include:

  • Audits — We provide the latest in auditing and regulatory processes specific to your industry. We’ll keep track of your financial records, maintain investments, and ensure best practices are being adhered to.
  • Taxes — We’ll prepare tax reports on your investment accounts, provide regular financial reports, ascertain compliance to the government, and meet deadlines on filing requirements.
  • Risk Management — We’ll take on an advisory role and come up with a sound business plan, evaluate your operations, and identify key opportunities. We’ll let you know the most strategic time to move and how to make wiser financial decisions.


The UK’s financial technology sector is growing fast, generating about £20 billion in annual returns. With the industry attracting more mature investors, you need the expertise of our dedicated fintech advisors as you scale your business.

On top of all our tax accountingmanagement reporting and payroll services we can also offer these tailored services for fintech companies:

  • Business Strategies — Let us guide you through the fintech ecosystem by teaching you how to attract more investors, how to expand internationally, and how to come up with the right exit strategy.
  • Financing — As you scale, so does your need for additional funding. We’ll look for lending and funding options with the best payments scheme that will fit your current cash flow.
  • Compliance to Laws — Since technology plays a huge part in your business, we’ll make sure you stay compliant to laws that affect fintech businesses like GDPR, as well as regulations from the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority.

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