Why we love Xero (and you should too)

27th November 2014

Let’s get something straight from the outset.  I may be an accountant, but I don’t make a habit of being excited or happy about bookkeeping software.  Honestly.

However, I am happy and excited about Xero.  We’ve been using it at AK Tax ourselves for a couple of years now, and we’ve now started a big push to introduce it to those of our clients who still don’t know about it’s wonders.

We’ve already got a section on our website introducing it (here) but here’s the short version why you should really consider it:

(1) It’s easy to use.  That means you’ll actually use it (just a few minutes a day will keep you up to date).  And if it’s up to date then you have instant access to real, useable, business data and information to help you plan and assess things.

Of course, whatever software you use, it should be up to date.  But, well, you know how it goes….so make it easy on yourself.

(2) It’s in the cloud.  Completely secure and yet (for you) completely accessible, on a range of devices.  So you can check on your bank over breakfast, send a few reminders about outstanding payments due to you while you’re on the train…you see how it goes.

Your accountants and business advisers can also have their own login to your systems, so any problems or issues can be picked up on and corrected very quickly – and opportunities spotted.  And if you’re all looking at the same information, it saves emailing or sending backups all over the place.

Speaking of backups – there’s no need to try to remember (and fail to remember) to take secure backups and keep them off-site, because it’s already done for you.

Oh, and no hassle of upgrading every year, because updates are automatically applied.

(3) It’s expandable.  Xero itself is great software with a full range of capabilities to keep your business up and running.  Should you have a specialist need or area, though, there’s a range of add-on modules and apps to make your business life even easier.

So that’s it, in short.  You can check out our own page on Xero (above) or check out the Xero site directly by clicking here.

As always, if you have any questions, drop me an email at andy@aktax.co.uk, or call me on 01634 540040