Accountants aren’t just bean counters – we’re business monitors too

28th May 2015

There is a popular misconception that all Kent accountants do is go through  your trading figures and then ask you for two cheques, one for the accountant and one for HM Revenue and Customs.

If that is all you think accountants do, then it is no wonder that so many business owners try to do their own tax returns. However believe it or not, accountants don’t all sit in offices and crunch numbers all day long. Yes, numbers are the essence of accounting, but to accountants they mean so much more than simple figures.

To a good accountant they are a language, they tell a story, and of greatest importance, they let you know when things aren’t quite right. As a consequence, accountants can advise their clients.

Of course any accountant or tax advisor wants to make sure that their client pays the minimum tax legally and ethically due, but they also want to help the success of the business, and it’s the numbers that help monitor the health and well-being of the business.

Monitoring your business remotely

You may find us if you are looking for XERO accountants, Medway, but that simply means we believe in the remarkably clever and efficient software that allows us, and our clients, to keep 100% up to date with the current positioning of any business.

However we can act in a number of differing ways for our clients. You will see that we offer three principal packages which, combined, cover virtually all eventualities, providing an appropriate level of oversight based on your business’ needs.

Whether it is just as an overseer to acting in the role that would be occupied by a financial director, we offer you an extra level of security and support you may not have expected.

Within our reasonably priced fee structure we also include free insurance to cover you for all costs incurred in the even that HM Revenue and Customs decide to investigate your books.

You should also note that such investigations are not just for the last year, but can go back many years if they so wish. At AK Tax accountants, Medway, we are always delighted to have an informal chat with anyone who is unsure how an accountant can help their business – our fees are extremely reasonable, and a phone call to us costs you nothing.