You can’t get paid if you don’t ask for money

8th July 2021

I had some work done on my house the other day.  It was all good, and I was very happy.  Time to pay up, I thought.  And I waited.  And waited.

And nothing.

I can understand of course.  Most business people would understand. You hit a busy period and it’s wall to wall work and fire fighting. The last thing you can find time for is the admin and paperwork.

But if you don’t send invoices to customers, then they won’t pay.  And in time, you’ll just forget, maybe, and then you’ll never get paid. Or you’ll remember so far down the line that it’s embarrassing to raise the invoice, and even if you do, good luck getting the money.

There’s an easier way. Honest. 

With Xero software, you can send invoices quickly and easily to your customers. Minimum fuss, minimum effort.  Speedy, professional, efficient.  Five minutes at the end of a day, or 10 minutes in the morning.  That’s all it’ll take and it’s the difference between cash comfort and cash starvation.

And if you’re doing that, why not add a ‘pay now’ button so people can easily pay on their mobiles?  

And if you’re doing regular work, why not set up a repeating invoice to be sent out at the same time each month?

A small investment of time and you’ll be flying.  It really is so much easier than you think it is.  

Deal with the admin. Send invoices. Get paid. Use Xero.

If you’ve got any questions, let us know.  Or look at our Xero-inclusive packages for businesses by CLICKING HERE.