Rise of the Micropreneur

21st November 2014

Overall, it seems like good times for the economy.  A great deal of the growth comes from very small business startups – the mighty Micropreneurs.

Obviously there’s a downside to all this – the EU sticks its hand out and wants £1.7 billion from us.  But I digress…..

For all the complaining we all indulge in sometimes, the UK at the present time is a pretty good place to start a business.  The ideas behind limited companies and the different tax ways of doing things can be baffling for someone who’s new to everything, but this can be easily overcome by finding an accountant you can trust who’ll explain everything and sort you out.

Not only is it easy to get going from a legal/tax standpoint, but the internet has made it so much easier to progress things.

Need to source some supplies or services?  No problem.  Do so any time you like, at your convenience – because everyone’s got a website (and if not, why not?).  Need to get your name out there?  Social media and a bit of google savvy will help.  (That’s not to say that good old face-to-face contacts have gone the way of the dodo, of course.)

And (our specialist area), keeping track of business performance is easy as well.  By using cloud-based accounting software like Xero (see here for more details) you can keep track of income and expenditure, and liaise with your business partners and advisers easily and in real time.  And the price for a bit of kit this useful is ridiculously small.

So overall, it’s a good time for business.  There are always challenges, of course.  Hey, if it was all easy, everyone would be doing it…..

As always, if you have any questions about starting up, feel free to get in touch.