Sir Clive Woodward – What Makes Businesses Win?

15th October 2015

Today at a conference I had the privilege of listening to Clive Woodward draw on his business and sporting experience and talk about what makes individuals, teams and organisations able to excel – to win.

There was far too much to cover in one blog post, so I’m going to split it up.  In this first post I just want to deal with a surprising statement Sir Clive made fairly near the begginning of his talk, which he elaborated on in more detail later.

That statement was to do with what enables teams to win.  So before I tell you, what do you think it was?  Leadership?  Motivation?  Reward?  Loyalty?  Perseverence?  All important, no doubt, but what he said was this:

‘Whoever wins with the I.T., wins.’

Surprising, yes, but then Sir Clive has history with emphasising the I.T. side of things.  He took an England rugby team where some of the players had never used a laptop, and trained them into being very technologically-aware.

The reason behind this was that the more I.T.- aware and capable the players were, the more they could take responsibility for reviewing and analysing their own performance, and the more ideas they could bring to the table.

I.T. also gave new ways to analyse the overall performance and strategy of the team.

Like Sir Clive’s England team, businesses can thrive when I.T. is used to provide relevant and up-to-date business information.  That key info will vary between businesses, and part of the way forward is to work out what info is critical and needs to be monitored closely.

New cloud-based software is a great way to stay on top of your financials and use the business information it generates to plot your way forward, or identify problems that may be future issues.

As you can see from our web-site, we recommend Xero as an essential part of your business success, and our clients have found that when they use it they gain a degree of control over their business that they never felt before, giving them a huge amount of confidence going forward.

If you’re interested in seeing how a new approach to I.T. can benefit your business, why not give us a call on 01634 540040 and we can talk over how we can help.