Welcome to the YES Economy

3rd February 2016

So what’s the YES economy then?

Put it this way. We’ve all had it as business owners – a customer calls up and asks if you can help with something. It’s not really what you do, although you can see why they called you, but you have to say no, you can’t help. No, not yes.

Polite as you are, you just haven’t helped the customer.   How else could you have done things though?

I heard a quote the other day that stuck in my mind – that we’re now all working in the YES economy.  That good customer service means finding a way to help your customer, even though it might be at a small cost to you.

Instead of just a ‘no,’ how about saying, ‘we don’t do that ourselves, but I know this great guy/girl/firm down the road who are fantastic at that sort of thing.  Would it be okay if I gave them your number and got them to give you a call?’

Instantly, you’ve transformed that interaction with you into a great experience.  You’re clearly now helpful people, who want the best and will go the extra mile to give someone a hand.  Dealing with you will be remembered as a positive experience.

On top of that, you get to help out another (non-competing, ideally) business, who may in turn be able to forward some referrals onto you.

For the sake of a few seconds of time and a miniscule amount of effort, you’ve turned the whole thing round, built relationships and built business contacts.

Welcome to the YES economy.