Just how local does your accountant need to be?

8th February 2018

Accountant sign

A local accountant is good. I won’t deny it. We like the people we work with, the people whose businesses we help. And we like meeting up with them. Face to face is a good way to do business.

We’re in Medway, Kent. But the world is changing. And if you think that we might be the right people to help you achieve what you want to out of your business, and out of life, then don’t let a bit of locality stand in the way.

Although we’d like the opportunity to sit down with you at least once, we recognise that sometimes this isn’t convenient. So if you want to chat on the phone, or book a video call, then that’s good as well.

Most importantly of all, the technology we use means we can be an effective accountant for you regardless of where you are in the country (sometimes, the world).

In case you’ve not noticed, we’re a Xero accountant (did we not make that clear? Really?) One of the big benefits of this is that we can log on and deal with the same live data that you’re looking at. So whether you need accounts, tax assistance or a reference, there’s not much standing in our way. And if you’ve got a problem that’s left you scratching your head, we can head right on in and fix it for you. Or talk you through how to fix it yourself.

All that said, we’d really love the chance to sit down and talk over your business and what you want to do with it (and what it can do for you and your family.)

So why not give us a call on 01634 540040, or drop me an email directly to: andy@aktax.co.uk

However you want to get in touch, it’d be great if you did.