When should I get an accountant?

5th October 2015

You’ve set up your business, maybe got some customers, a bit of cash flowing in. And at some point you ask yourself: ‘When should I get an accountant?’

You’ve heard of them, you’re vaguely aware of things like accounts and tax returns, and you’ve had some letters through already from Companies House and HMRC.  Still, it all seems like a long way off.  Probably something you can put off until later, right?

That would be a mistake.  Ideally, you should identify, chat with and appoint an accountant as soon as you can in the life of your business.  An accountant will help you, right at the beginning, sort out:

  • the best and most tax-efficient way to set up your business – a bit of work here can save you £hundreds or £thousands later
  • whether you need to be VAT registered, and the best VAT scheme if you are
  • PAYE registration, and auto-enrolment pension obligations

But it’s more than that.  A good accountant is your sounding-board.  They can bring valuable business expertise and experience to situations you may be unfamiliar with.

At AK Tax & Accountancy in Medway Kent we have many years’ experience at dealing with a wide range of small businesses.  Our aim is to help you succeed and reach your personal and business goals.  That means helping you grow and manage your business – not just making sure the essentials like accounts and tax returns are dealt with.

Why not give us a call on 01634 540040 for a free chat about your business and how we can help you.