Xero – getting your business through a crisis

27th May 2020

We’ve been big fans of Xero for a long time now.  Years ago we made the choice to move our own accounting to Xero, seeing the many advantages that it offers. And we helped our clients make the same move, which they love.

Now we’re facing strange times. People are working remotely and from home to a degree that we haven’t seen before.  Businesses are struggling and have had their legs kicked out from under them. The future holds uncertainty. For some businesses, even if you get through it, things will be tight.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and you owe it to yourself to give your business the best chance of reaching it.

Here’s why we think Xero is a really good move for you:

Working remotely is really, really easy

Checking an up to date profit and loss statement? Need to file a VAT return? It’s all so easy and you don’t have to be at your desk to do it. 

And that’s before we talk about add-ons like Receipt Bank – where you can just take a photo of a purchase invoice on your phone and upload it.

It’s almost like Xero was built for the times we’re in.

Controlling your Cash is simpler

Need to check who owes you money, and what’s overdue?  Easy – log in from wherever you are.

Need to chase that money?  Not a problem. Send them a statement and email – only takes a few seconds.

What bills are going to fall due soon? Easily checked.

And if you need a few tips on how to manage your cash during a crisis, then click here to see our recent article.

Getting professional help is easier

We’re able to work closely with our clients because we can log into Xero (from wherever we are) and do what needs to be done.

Having a problem with a transaction? We’ll fix that for you.

Need a report or key figures for bank lending – urgently? We can – and do – get this kind of stuff for our clients all the time.

It’s easy to make the change

We can usually get our new clients up and running on Xero inside of a week. Sometimes it’s best to hold off – for example, until the start of a new VAT quarter, but most of the time we can shift things whenever you want.

We’ll get you started, get you trained, and support you all the way. And the cost of Xero is included in all our packages – which you can see here.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let us help you help your business.  We’re looking forward to hearing from you.