How Does VAT Work in the UK?

How Does VAT Work in the UK?

22nd July 2020

Whether you’re planning to start a business or your business is growing rapidly, it’s important to know about your VAT obligations. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about VAT to get you started. What Is VAT? VAT stands for Value Added Tax, and it’s one of the many taxes that businesses […] Read More

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How Much Does An Accountant Cost?

3rd July 2020

This is an important question for your business, and we're happy to answer it - with real numbers, not just general thoughts. Read More


How to Protect Yourself From Self-Assessment Scams

26th June 2020

Preparing your self-assessment tax returns can be a stressful process and is one of life’s necessary evils. Having done all that work to get your finances in order though, only to get scammed out of your hard-earned money, can be downright devastating. The unfortunate reality is that there are plenty of opportunists looking to prey […] Read More

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First Steps with Xero – Get Started Right Now!

8th June 2020

We’ve always made it clear that we think Xero is great.  And one of the things we do with our clients when they start with Xero is get everything set up and give them the training they need (see our packages here). If you’re making the journey alone for the moment, however, here’s our quick […] Read More

Paying a Subcontractor under CIS

Paying a Subcontractor under CIS

28th May 2020

Before you enlist the services of a subcontractor to help with your construction job, there are tax procedures that you need to have a good understanding of to avoid penalties. In this article, you’ll learn how the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) works regarding the issue of paying subcontractors. Understanding CIS CIS traces its roots in […] Read More

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Xero – getting your business through a crisis

27th May 2020

We’ve been big fans of Xero for a long time now.  Years ago we made the choice to move our own accounting to Xero, seeing the many advantages that it offers. And we helped our clients make the same move, which they love. Now we’re facing strange times. People are working remotely and from home […] Read More

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Having a Cash Crisis?

Dealing with a sudden cash flow crisis, even if you’re working hard to avoid shortfalls, is hugely distracting and stressful. A formerly reliable customer might take much longer to pay than anticipated or a large consignment might fail to show up, leaving you out of pocket. If you’re starting a business, it could simply be […] Read More

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Bounce Back Loans – best thing since sliced bread?

14th May 2020

Government-backed Bounce Back Loans might seem like a dream come true, but could they turn into a nightmare for your business? Read More


Self Assessment Guide and Checklist

28th April 2020

Filing a Self Assessment tax return can be a long and complicated process with penalties for late submissions. Here then is our guide on getting it done in a timely and stress-free manner. Who needs to File a Self Assessment Tax Return? The general rule is that anyone who earns income that isn’t taxed at […] Read More


Six Taxes all Small Business owners need to know about

25th March 2020

Small business owners have to pay a number of different taxes depending on their structure and income. It can, however, be overwhelming to keep track of every single one for each specific case. To help you avoid making mistakes on which ones to pay and how much, this article will go through the six major […] Read More


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